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:Selected Individual Exhibitions
2005 The Museum of Art, Kochi - Camera Obscura (Kochi)
2005 Simayspace (San Diego)
2004 Fotosphere Gallery (New York)
2001 Gallery Past Rays (Yokohama)
2000 Gallery ississ (Kyoto)
1999 Gallery Past Rays (Yokohama)
1997 Simayspace Gallery (San Diego)
1996 Polaroid Gallery (Tokyo)
1992 Synchronicity Space Gallery (New York)
1991 Anuska Gallery (San Diego)

:Selected Group Exhibitions
2004 Riverside Art Museum — A Selection of Portraits from The Doug Simay Collection (Riverside, CA)
2003 The Singer Gallery at the Mizel Center for Art and Culture -
Street Level: A Century of New York Street Photography (Denver)
2002 Polaroid Gallery — Polaroid World: Beyond the Time (Tokyo)
2002 Polaroid Gallery — Polaroid World: Beyond the Time (Osaka)
2001 The Museum of Art, Kochi - Kaki Tree Project (Kochi)
2000 Tokyo Junshin Women's College Gallery — Tuyoshi Shironita collection exhibition (Tokyo)
1999 The Museum of Art, Kochi — Younger Art 2000-1 (Kochi)
1999 Debra Owen Gallery — Sushi Performance and Visual Art (San Diego)
1995 Angle Cosmos Gallery — Photo Metro (San Francisco)
1994 Simayspace Gallery — Design (San Diego)
1993 Photos Gallery (San Francisco)
1991 Java Gallery (San Diego)
1991 Boritzer / Gray Gallery (Santa Monica)
1990 Berlinische Galerie, Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin)

2005 May: The Kochi Simbun (Japan)
2004 December: Nippon Camera (Japan)
2002: Ventana de Luz (Madrid)
2000 January: GQ Japan - (No.83, p.175 "Art") (Japan)
1999 December: Natural Glow - (Vol. 4 issue 1 No. 10, p.52 - 53) (Japan)
1996 June: Photographies Magazine - Jeunes Talents (France)
1995 November: Photo Metro (San Francisco)
1994 May: Nippon Camera - Who's Who (Japan)
1994 April: Photo Metro - Editorial (San Francisco)
1991 June: Camera & Darkroom - The East Comes West: Japanese Photography in the U.S. Today (USA)
1991 January: European Photography - Award for Young European Photographers'90 (Germany)
1991: The Deutsch Leasing AG Photo Calendar (Germany)
1990 October: Die Tageszeitung (Berlin. Germany)

Museum of Photographic Arts (San Diego)
Nippon Polaroid K. K. (Tokyo)
Douglas A. Simay (San Diego)

Gallery Past Rays (Yokohama)
Gallery Sink (Denver)
Simayspace Gallery (San Diego)
The Special Photographers Company / Library (London)

:2001 August 29. received immigrant visa: "Aliens with Extraordinary Ability"
Recommended by:
Museum of Photographic Art (San Diego)
Museum of Contemporary Art / Denver (Denver)
The Museum of Art, Kochi (Kochi)
The Special Photographers company (London)
Agency VU' (Paris)
Nippon Polaroid K. K. (Tokyo)
Photo Gallery International (Tokyo)
Gallery Past Rays (Yokohama)
Simayspace Gallery (San Diego)